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Today's vending customer is more discriminating than ever. To meet the needs of the health conscious, diabetics and people spending more significant amounts of time at work and/or school, manufacturers have expanded available product lines and introduced new products to the marketplace rapidly in the last several years.

DVC Vending has been at the forefront of new product introduction in the vending industry. Again, the best source of information pertaining to products, new and old, are our customers. Periodically, we solicit advice through on site meetings and survey forms. These help determine the menu we offer in a specific location.

Using detailed plan-a-grams also allows us to calculate average product requirements and formulate space to sales ratios by location. What this means is that we can determine which locations require two rows of Snickers, and which require two rows of granola. Not only can we determine which products are more popular, but also we can allot them more space within the machine.

NOTE: DVC Vending remains in compliance with all state and federal regulations in educational accounts.

DVC Vending carries a complete line of national brands and regional favorites. What follows is a partial product list and a sample snack machine plan-a-gram for your review.

Partial Product List:
Carbonated Beverages
Non Carbonated Bev.
Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up, Sprite, Minute Maid, Schweppes
Tropicana, Welchs Juices, Haw. Punch, Nestea
Frito lay, Wise, Keebler
Famous Amos, Grand Ma's, Knotts Farms
Snickers, M&M's, Nestle, Hershey, Goldenberg
Nature Valley, Farley's Fruit, Trail Mix
Hostess, Drakes, Dolly Madison
Beechnut, Wrigleys

DVC Vending places only new or factory refitted equipment on location. All machines are equipped with dollar bill acceptors and non-resettable count meters. The advances in equipment technology in the past few years is staggering. Where vending equipment was once simple, mechanical, lever operated machines, the new generation of equipment is, much like the rest of our society, completely computer chip driven. While much more sensitive and complicated, these advances allow vending operators much more flexibility in meeting customer needs.

Profiles of the modern equipment we deploy are below:

Snack Machines- Automatic Products 120 series.
The newest generation of the highest quality vending machine available. Equipped with the newest bill and coin acceptors, these computer driven machines provide complete accountability. Other features include adjustable shelving to accommodate up to 45 selections and 850 different items.

Beverage Machines- Dixie Narco 500 series
Dollar bill acceptors and coin units are newest available. Flex-Pac system allows machine to vend both cans and 20-ounce packages. Capacity up to 501 units. Computer controlled diagnostics and temperature.

Coffee Machines- Automatic Products 213
Features a fresh bean grinder and several flavors of gourmet coffee such as Swiss Mocha and French Vanilla. Machine features multi-price capability and two-cup sizes, 8.25 and 12 ounces.

Ice Cream Machines- Vendtronics
Newest ice cream machine is similar to snack machine layout, but equipped with a refrigerated, insulated cabinet, which maintains zero temperature. Machine is also capable of dispensing frozen entrees.

Cold Food Machine- Rowe 600 series
Holds up to 100 selections at six price levels. Features carousel selection and loading to maximize eye appeal. Industry standard for vending prepared foods. Accepts bills and coins on a multi-price basis.

Wherever possible, DVC Vending creates machine 'banks' to increase the presence and eye appeal of vending location. In the past, we have made use of message centers and header panels, and secure equipment together and to walls.

     Ice Cream
     Cold Food

View Coffee Machines

View Beverage Machines

View Snack Machines

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