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Quality, personalized service has always been the hallmark of DVC Vending, Inc. It is the core concept we have built on. The fact of the matter is that every vending company uses similar equipment and products. That is what makes vending companies similar. What separates the successful vending operators from the run of the mill operator is the level of service they provide their customers.

With this knowledge in hand, DVC set out to devise and implement a multi-faceted service program that exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

Below are some of the major components of our program:

Customer Input- DVC recognizes that no one knows your needs like you. Prior to installation, we meet with clients to discuss and explain equipment, products, and service frequency needs, as well as special needs, refund policy and repair expediting. These meetings continue periodically as customer needs frequently change. DVC Vending's customers take a very active roll in dictating what your needs are and how we can meet them.

Service Frequency- DVC Vending will have a professional, trained, and neatly uniformed routeman at your facility as often as need dictates. This includes weekends, nights, and holidays if necessary.

Inventory Requirements- Our route personal is provided with a large variety of the highest quality national and regional brands daily. Vehicle inventory in checked each morning to insure sufficient products are available for accounts. A detailed plan-a-gram based on space to sales expectations employed. Periodic account visits by management to review sales and product needs are performed. Product is automatically rotated by machines to insure freshness.

Sanitation Program- All DVC machines are wiped down with specialized cleaning solvent each visit. Weekly, snack, coffee and ice cream machines receive a complete 'breakdown' or thorough cleaning. During each visit, our route personal also removes debris from the vending area. Bags and boxes for recyclable items. We consider our machines to be food service locations, and do our best to make them an appealing marketplace.

Maintenance Program- Studies and experience reveal that by performing routine maintenance on equipment decreases breakdowns by nearly 40%. Our route personal are trained to check for wire connections, access paths and computer sensor readings during each visit. Each machine is tested before route personal leaves location.

Customer Input
Service Frequency
Inventory Requirements
Sanitation Program
Maintenance Program

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